DIVERSIFIED is one of the World's largest independent energy trading companies. We produce, source, trade, store and transport crude oil, jet fuel and metal ores. We coordinate financing, logistics and other supply chain services for producers and consumers of commodities. We forge relationships and connections, trade physical commodities, build and operate commercial ships, and have business interests in technology, aviation and automotive sectors.

Diversified creates opportunity, connects people and moves markets.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources are the root of economic development. DIVERSIFIED works with Governments to manage and develop their natural resources with an approach that takes into account the economic, social and environmental stakes faced with non-renewable resources. DIVERSIFIED provides effective management and production of natural resources with sound business principals and Partners that promotes economic growth and economic development.

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DIVERSIFIED has the logistics expertise that ensure the highest standards of supply and service for our customers. Safe, reliable, high quality marine and aviation transportation services in an environmentally sound and cost effective manner.

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Products & Services

DIVERSIFIED handles every element involved in the sourcing and trading of crude oil, petroleum products, coal, metals and agricultural products..

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